Pink Grape Fruit Concentrated Syrup

Pink Grape Fruit Concentrated Syrup

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Carbonates any beverage, anytime, anywhere you like. Quickly and easily carbonate water, juices, iced tea or coffee, energy drinks, wine, cocktails, and even flat soda or beer. From the kitchen to the campground, the OH-BUBBLES will make any drink you can think of real sparkle. The OH-BUBBLES is a blast to use. So let the fun begin, and sparkle whatever you’d like.

Oh-Bubbles All Natural Soda Syrups start out as 100% italian fruits and pulp and then added with natural Italian distilled water. We combine them to make our syrups and then infuse the essence of locally sourced and organic ingredients that are hand crushed until the flavor profile is just right.

Introducing our Pink Grapefruit Soda Syrup, a burst of citrus paradise in every pour. Crafted with succulent pink grapefruits, this syrup brings a tangy and refreshing twist to your drinks. Elevate your cocktails, mocktails, and sparkling sodas with the vibrant flavour of pink grapefruit. 


Taste the zest of perfection.

    • 500ml Concentrated syrup

    • Vegan friendly and gluten free.

    • Less than 44Kcals per serve.

    • At least 50% less sugar (vs leading 10 soda brands).

    • Use in cocktails, mocktails and mixers.

    • 2 Years Shelf Life

Concentrated juice and pulp of pink grapefruit, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, acidifier (citric acid), sweetener (sucralose), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, thickener: pectin, natural coloring: elderberry extract).

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